RIP : The very late and very great ; I should Coco(rino)

The selfish part of me just wants to keep this quiet. I’ve already made the mistake of telling a client, who disturbed my early morning reverie, spreading out his food order over the narrow benches and making friends with the staff. Doesn’t he know there’s a routine? I need quiet. I can get there at 7 and get myself ready for the onslaught of the day.  And what a breakfast it is.

Eggs that taste of proper eggs; wonderful sourdough, fruit salad, and great coffee. Croissants to die for.  It can only seat about 6, and at a squeeze, 6 outside.  And not just breakfast, they do a great selection of salads, hot food and desserts and they have a separate ice-cream parlour next door.  I generally try to deny its existence.

There is a sister branch in Chiltern Street, but it’s more of a deli and not quite as fabulous as this.

It’s one of those places that become part of your routine. Every morning, I see the regulars there.  It’s addictive. And serves  the best coffee in Marylebone.