Mishkin – give it a miss.

Look, I know I’m  getting on a bit and I do  like a quiet life, but I’m not entirely unreasonable and  know there are some people who like to shout a bit over dinner – hey, I like a bit of a shout myself sometimes but really, this was beyond endurance.

I got there at an old person’s dinnertime, 6 pm. It was a bit noisy but at that point  I could still hear myself talk. Just about. The tables were too close together and I was trapped between two very loud conversations from the adjoining tables.

We ordered from the promising menu. A lot of old favourites: latkes with creamed horseradish , meatballs, lots of things with beetroot. Egg and chips – I like that in a menu, almost as much as boiled eggs and soldiers. And cocktails

And I know that Jews such as me are always going to be the harshest critics of operations such as this but still.  These are my kvetches:

*no self-respecting deli-style operation would miss out the  rye bread. I’d have settled for any bread. None

* the cod cheeks with popcorn and chili were good crisp and light. They needed a salty dipping sauce though

* the herring with beetroot and cucumbers was bland and unexciting. Chopped beetroot without any vinegary bite, it just didn’t get me going. A few slivers of herring scattered over and thinly sliced new green cucumbers. I could do that dish SO much better at home

* cauliflower  and cabbage salad. Not enough dressing and I nearly choked on those bits of cauliflower that crumble off when it’s too dry

* latkes with sour cream. Sorry, but mine are so much better. I’ll give them the recipe. I don’t know who’s doing the cooking but not someone who ‘s ever tasted the real thing. Just bland. Not enough onion. I left some. That’s how dull they were

Vegetarian meatballs. No. It didn’t work. They were like floppy giant falafel balls in a tomato sauce

I had a cocktail of prosecco and something else. It was in a very pretty glass, barely bigger than an egg cup

The music ramped up. 2 stupid girls were sitting on the too-close table next to me, shouting over the din and my ears started to bleed so I left. I can’t imagine I missed anything major with the desserts and there was no coffee on the menu, though doubtless we could have ordered one

Liked the decor, liked the service. Everything else? Not so much

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