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June 03

Wing Lei. Give it the gold finger.

I’d got it all planned. My male pedicurist/food truck chef had recommended Lotus of Siam, five minutes away from the ode to overshlog that is our hotel, the Wynn, Las Vegas. Covering 250 acres, boutique this is not. Do not ask what I am doing here. For those of you who don’t know, the Wynn […]

May 01

Marani. A Georgian Tragedy.

I wanted to like it, I really did. I’d been angling to go to Marani, a Georgian restaurant,  ever since reading a glowing review and I suggested to my good friend M that we go together. M is not only a brilliant dinner companion but also Georgian. Result. First signs were promising, if slightly bizarre. I […]

April 01

La Genova. Walk on by.

Out with B and her father D, we were having a cheeky Monday lunch. I don’t often do lunch, but I made an exception, as D is excellent company and the two together are highly entertaining. Not wanting to be too adventurous, B thought that this place would be perfect for her father. Who is nearly […]

Champneys Forest Mere. Part 2. The fairytale continues.

Having changed room 5 times, I was not predisposed to love the rest of the resort and as my companion so rightly pointed out, it’s like a bad relationship. Once you’ve decided it’s not for you, you can’t help but find fault. We are in the dead days between Xmas and new year and there […]

December 29

Champneys Forest Mere. A fairy tale. Grim.

Part 1: The accommodation . It sounded like a good idea. I’d tried to persuade my companion to choose Grayshott, my spa of choice, but she was adamant. It’s too old, Grayshott, too staid. This is younger, more dynamic, she said Better, even. She’s very forceful, my companion and I give in. First impressions were […]

September 26

Clockjack Oven. *Disappointed face.*

I want chicken, that’s what I want. So said C. It’s a well-worn chant. He really likes chicken and can make a mean one himself. It’s one of his very limited repertoire. Small but perfectly formed. Ok then, why don’t we try Clockjack Oven, I said, I’ve heard good things about it. There’s a few foodbloggers […]

The Great British. One of those words is accurate.

I had high hopes. I’d heard that there had been a good review in the Indy and I’d gone to have a look on my way to Le Pain Quotidien, the one in North Audley Street, a hop skip and a jump from my office. Not that I would be doing any of those movements […]

La Porte des Indes.

If you’ve been to one of those management courses they run at the adjacent hotel, you might have seen this. I’m not sure what made me turn left when I came out of the car park, rather than turning right, straight to my regular haunt, Roti Chai,  but we all make mistakes. Unusually for me, […]

Lousy at The Lowry

I’m not really eating out as such at the moment, but I still have to eat and yesterday I had to eat at The Lowry hotel, in the heart of Manchester. It’s a Rocco Forte hotel and you expect a certain standard in the dining room. Or at least I would. And as long as […]

The Avenue. On a road to nowhere. CLOSED

NB; THE VERSION REPORTED UPON HERE IS NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE. THERE’S A NEW CHEF AND A NEW THRUST, SO T SPEAK. I HAVEN’T RUSHED TO TRY IT, GIVEN THIS: When I think of this restaurant I think of the naked gold woman. Many years ago, before all the banks were bust, a client of mine […]