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November 25

The Double Red Duke, Clanfield.

I’d almost come in summer as part of a little Cotswolds foray, before the glowing reviews, (look at me, ahead of the curve), but had to cancel, on account of having overestimated how much my stomach could actually absorb over the space of two days. Turns out that there is a limit. Even for me. […]

November 14

Let’s go round again…

The elastic waistband is my frenemy.

December 22

Under the influencer? Be honest.

An excellent article in Eater  about viral food advertising (Cronut, anyone?) set me to thinking about so-called “influencers” and the sometimes grey area surrounding “paid for”  posts and blogs. And by paid for, I mean receiving some financial benefit or thing of value, whether directly or otherwise. I set to thinking about the law in […]

April 28

Jikoni. Coming in from the cold.

Is that the  Italian? I am asked this question each time I mention I am going to Jikoni. Full disclosure:  I am asked it four times. This puts it into the category of a slight issue.   Try saying it next to “Cecconi”. See?

September 14

Burgundy, reloaded.

PROLOGUE I have form with Burgundy. I’ve been here before, the last visit almost 14 years ago, at the time of my 40th birthday. That particular trip was with a man who turned out not to be The One. It seems no time at all since that memorable birthday lunch at L’Espérance, back in 2002. […]

December 23

Taking a journey on the Darjeeling Express. Making a difference.

It’s not often that I meet someone who can out-talk me but Asma Khan is that woman. I’m very glad that she is, however,  because I have come to Soho to interview her, during the temporary residency for her erstwhile supper club, The Darjeeling Express, at The Sun and Thirteen Cantons in Soho. I’ve eaten at […]

I’m a food blogger not a food blagger (or why there’s no such thing as a free lunch).

“ And yes, I’ve gone off on one, like a wet-lipped food blogger angling for a job,” A recent line from Jay Rayner. He doesn’t like bloggers who review food without paying for it. The whole storm in a teacup about freebies started before I went off to a conference a week ago and I […]

Whose restaurant is it anyway?

I made a mistake. Not the sort of mistake which will end up in my being sued you understand, but nonetheless embarrassing for a lawyer, where accuracy is my stock in trade. I said in a review that Yauatcha was owned by legendary restaurateur, Alan Yau. I hadn’t checked it out. I was wrong. My […]

The Company of Strangers. Quo Vadis.

When I write a post, I know that there are people who follow it and get an actual email telling them I’ve dropped a blog.  Some of them I may even know in real life, but most of the time I don’t really think about my “followers” actually reading what I write. Even though I […]

May 10

Dad, food and me.

My father really  loved food. Really loved it. Humpty-Dumpty-shaped until the age of 70, he always joked that he’d only be able to lose weight if it was a matter of life and death. And when he turned 70, it was. So he lost just under seven stone. No fuss, no messing, he just did it.