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October 24

Texture. Let it snow.

Marble Arch, that bit near Primark,  is the Bermuda Triangle of restaurants. It’s great for mid-priced mediocrity and for those sad souls who buy their lunch at Boots. For careful cooking that doesn’t break the bank,  not so much.

January 28

Bernardi’s. The finest tart in the area.

I’m happy that the sexing up of that sorry bit of the Edgware Road around Marble Arch is now making great strides. Traditionally sexing up and Edgware Road have only meant the one thing and the prostitute problem on the Hyde Park Estate makes it feel like Kings Cross at times, and not the new […]

January 23

Lurra lurra love. Or, what a cow.

Many years ago, when I was younger and had more energy, I used to swim every morning before work, at the public baths in Seymour Place. My daily companions were a group of elderly  women who gathered there every morning, rain or shine, daily swim followed by daily gossip. I’ve been thinking about reinstating that habit, as my daily […]