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August 25

André Garrett at Cliveden House.

Shall we go to Cliveden, I say to C, who is sitting on the chair in the kitchen, playing with his phone.  I am sitting at the kitchen table, preparing a schedule of mortgage requirements for a new client. Unsurprisingly, the tedium is leading me to thoughts of escape. There are only so many times […]

An Artichoke in Amersham? Unexpected

Everything about this worked.  From the moment we walked in, we could see that this was polished and slick.  Unfussy and professional service. Mainly French staff. I thought that we had drawn the short straw with the table – we were parked directly opposite the kitchen, where you could see the chef-proprietor and his various underlings beavering  […]

Oh Dear, Danesfield House Part 2

Because we couldn’t get into my first choice, the Hand and Flowers, a hop skip and a jump away from Danesfield House, we decided to try to get into Adam Simmonds’ restaurant.  Even though it has one Michelin star, we could get in without any difficulty on the day of booking.  Given that it probably has less […]

Danesfield House. It’s a restaurant. In the Chilterns. A good one. Go.

THE BUILD-UP I deliberately didn’t read any reviews. After last week’s big letdown at the Kingham Plough, where the weight of expectation from the almost overwhelmingly positive reviews was probably too much for anyone to live up to, I decided to chance it. Other than a quick look at the http://www.thecriticalcouple.com (my new bible) I went unprepared.

Top food at Marlow Bottom – The Hand and Flowers

In our quest to find decent food within 30 minutes drive of Pyrton, we combed the GFG and made a list and this was number 1. What prompted this listmania was the change to our old faithful, the Half Moon, in Cuxham.  Everyone has a standby don’t they and this was ours. Whenever you just couldn’t be bothered, or it was […]

Forget Fingest

Many many years ago, I used to have a boyfriend with a mother, had I then had the psychotherapeutic words to describe her, those words would have been passive-aggressive narcissist. Many a night, trying to get away within an hour of actually saying goodnight, in the safety of my own car I would cry and bang my head on the dashboard with frustration. I mean, […]