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August 29

Tommi’s Burger Joint. Plain, lovely.

For many years, this spot was occupied by a Greek restaurant, which last had a customer in 1969. I used to work opposite and never saw anyone enter or leave, other than the ancient Cypriot waiters for whom it was clearly a second home. Either that or it had to be a front for some […]

Shake Shack. It didn’t change my life.

Reader, I’ve tried it. Hallelujah. It’s taken me long enough. I’d got my inbox down to zero and was feeling very pleased with myself, in a sad sack, OCD way. It was 8.30pm and I’d been good on low carb for almost two long days and life was looking sweet, if not slim. So obviously […]

Granger & Co

I’ve got a Bill Granger book. Bill’s Basics. He’s smiling on the front of it. He doesn’t look English. He’s too happy. I liked the idea of his fabled Aussie breakfasts and the pictures are good. I haven’t quite got round to using it.* And I am not covering the breakfast offering, which looks great […]

Bored at Bar Boulud.

I’ve heard C bang on for years about Boulud in New York and how brilliant it is but I’m always a bit wary of the Ramsay-esque spread of sleb-chefs and so I hadn’t rushed to try it. You get there through a side entrance for the Mandarin Hotel, which is a good thing as it […]

Burger and Lobster. That’s all, folks.

  So far this weekend I’d managed not to go to Scott’s of Mayfair, nor Bistrot Bruno Loubet, as planned. I wasn’t in a Scott’s mood to be honest– didn’t want to bump into the newly-thin Nigella or spend 25% too much on fairly average food.