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Pitt Cue Co. Perfect Pork in Soho.

I had been meaning to try it for some considerable time. I am, as they say very late to the party. Better late than never. It was one of those days when I needed to leave the office and do something else, something normal, after ploughing through 5 sets of licences for alterations and listed […]

Thomas Cubitt.

Because I clearly need to learn how to make yet more fattening food, my kind and thoughtful friend E decided that it was essential that I go on a Peggy Porschen cupcake-making course for my birthday treat. We had, mistakenly, both thought that it would be a day of novices playing around with cake, interspersed with quite […]

November 02

MEATliquor. You’ll drool.

I confess, I had not been until last week. My credibility must be brought into question by that but, in my defence, it was only a month ago that I started eating meat again so don’t judge the Judge too harshly. And you shouldn’t come here without eating meat.