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October 17

The Colony Grill Room. Ticking every box.

He’s keeping a close eye on it, is Mr King. So far I’ve been during the soft opening, for two breakfasts (not together) and a rather leisurely lunch and he’s been there twice, doing that thing he does, welcoming you at the door in that charming yet slightly intimidating way, as he towers over you, making sure that […]

February 20

The Fountain at Fortnum & Mason.

The first time I went to Fortnum’s it was the 1970s. It was a school trip to London, to an exhibition at the Royal Academy. I was 13. There was a massive queue. I was impatient, even then. My very sophisticated schoolmate Jacques, all of two years older than me, suggested that we bunk off […]

November 28

The Wolseley. An Old Classic.

Obviously, I am not going to keep mentioning the fact that I have got a problem with my back. You know, the disc problem I mentioned last week. Yes, the three bulging discs in my neck and the one prolapsed disc in my thoracic spine. I didn’t even know I had a thoracic spine. When […]

Aqua at the Shard. A point of view. A view of a point.

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it. I’d wanted to go to the Shard before now but a combination of laziness and resentment about having to pay silly sums to Mr Sellar to see it had put me off. And on the day, I was worried about not being able to find it. […]

The Great British. One of those words is accurate.

I had high hopes. I’d heard that there had been a good review in the Indy and I’d gone to have a look on my way to Le Pain Quotidien, the one in North Audley Street, a hop skip and a jump from my office. Not that I would be doing any of those movements […]

Gail’s Kitchen.

The thing with Twitter is that you can sometimes forget that people read what you tweet. I’d been to Gail’s Kitchen earlier in the week and had mentioned on Twitter that I had enjoyed it. What I actually said was: Gail’s Kitchen.  I liked it. I loved bits of it. A bit Ottolenghi-ish. But not. […]

Truc Vert. Not quite a fisherman’s hut.

This is a quiet unassuming little café, in the northern part of Mayfair. It’s named after a beach on the south-west coast of France – its website says that it “captures the simple unaffected style of the local fishermen’s huts, aiming to provide simple but elegant dining in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.”

Hawksmoor. I nearly fainted.

I have to make a big fat confession before I start. I was meant to review this for The Lawyer for breakfast. I did have the breakfast, sharing the room with only two other punters, which, given the size of the place was a little disconcerting, but I didn’t get round to posting the review and I need […]

Brunch at the Duck & Waffle. Location Location Location.

I was torn, frankly, between the lure of Caravan, King’s Cross, which promised a more interesting-sounding menu and better coffee – and this. I was already feeling like a failed food blogger having not been there already so I went with my head and not my heart and chose this.

February 27

The Arts Club. Do you have to be a member to join?

In another life i.e. my fantasy one,  I wouldn’t be doing any of this.  I’d probably be running an animal rescue sanctuary whilst getting enormously fat,  but because I haven’t quite organised myself to do that yet,  I’m still a lawyer.  So I  end up doing things which go with the job. Like being a […]