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December 09

Park Chinois. Put on your dancing shoes.

“Park Chinois occupies a niche, and offers a balance to the current club culture. It brings about a rebirth of the Dinner Dance aesthetic, a modern interpretation underpinned by old school values.” Website: Park Chinois One of the more creative of our serial restaurateurs,  Alan Yau has for this, his latest venture, chosen to target the much-moneyed Mayfair […]

June 25

Duck and Rice. Ever been to a Chinese pub?

I’ve never seen anything like it says C, almost smiling, practically a whole page of beers. This from the man whose favourite card is one bearing the legend “Beer: proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. I order the food whilst he loses himself in a world of hops.

March 21

Hunan. You won’t go hungry.

Why is your wearable fitness device saying LOSE? asks my back doctor. This is the digital device I wear on my wrist which, helpfully, tells me how much I’ve fallen short of my daily goal of ten thousand steps. I am confused by his comment as my wearable has never before issued a command. I […]

September 18

Pearl Liang. Pedestrian in Paddington

“It is no surprise that Pearl Liang is one of the busiest restaurants in the area”, boasts their website, which tells us that “Pearl Liang Chinese Oriental Restaurant is a stylish, cosmopolitan, London restaurant located in the heart of Paddington”. Correction: the heart of Paddington Basin, with a captive audience of thousands, where the culinary […]

May 11

Bright Courtyard. Nicey Nicey, Spicy Pricey.

I’d been having an after-hours manicure in the office, as you do and C was in the market for food. This is C-nails not C-husband. C-nails is that manicurist overlap in the Venn diagram between myself and E, who sometimes appears on these pages and who works in the same building as Bright Courtyard.   Some time ago, […]

January 02

Kai Mayfair. Cry, wallet.

  It’s got lots of awards, has Kai. Not only a Michelin star, but, according to its website, it was the highest ranked Chinese restaurant in the Sunday Times Food List 2012, Best Chinese restaurant in London in the Hardens Guide, Best Chinese restaurant in something called “Zagat survey” though it doesn’t say when, or what […]

November 21

Phoenix Palace. There be dragons.

Because I have a prolapsed disc in my neck – I blame years of sitting in front of a PC – I find that I cannot use my right arm effectively. I certainly couldn’t cut up a steak. The horror. So to avoid having to eat like an infant i.e. having my food cut up […]

October 16

Hutong at the Shard. Lord, love a duck.

I’d really no business to be going to the Shard for dinner. I’d no business to be going anywhere other than one of those places where they make you fast for a week. It had been a weekend of sheer piggery in Paris, where, on the Friday night, we unexpectedly ended up at Guy Savoy. […]

Royal China Baker Street – Dim Sum

One of my very first grown-up food experiences was a regular outing to the Yang Sing in Manchester. I must have been in my mid teens and really, it was the highlight of my week. Compared to the haimische cooking we had at home (think Eastern European peasant food and you won’t go far wrong) […]

February 01

(Slightly) hacked off at Hakkasan

I could do without the little red dresses. But I realise they aren’t for me. I’ve been to both incarnations of the uber-Chinese restaurant that is Hakkasan and without wishing to lapse into the sort of lawyerspeak that seems simply to trip off my tongue,  I make the following observations:-