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April 27

Pitt Cue. Sheer piggery.

Last time I went to Pitt Cue I flounced off in a huff. Too much queueing, too little communication, too much chaos. There is only so much I’m prepared to tolerate for a plateful of pulled pork, even if it’s from a furry, fatty Mangalitza pig, their porky USP. My queue strop happened when they had that […]

December 12

The Guinea Grill. Gentleman’s relish.

By the end of the year, when I’m work-knackered and even more crabby than usual, I crave the warm fug of a cosy room, lots of dark wood, tartan carpet and old-fashioned waiters in formal suits. I know, shocking. The Guinea Grill ticks all those boxes. It’s a restaurant that screams OLD CHAP. They use silver-plate vegetable […]

October 16

Hutong at the Shard. Lord, love a duck.

I’d really no business to be going to the Shard for dinner. I’d no business to be going anywhere other than one of those places where they make you fast for a week. It had been a weekend of sheer piggery in Paris, where, on the Friday night, we unexpectedly ended up at Guy Savoy. […]

I confess : Cocomaya, Vintry, Pizza Pilgrims and Gelupo.

Four places in one day. I wasn’t on holiday. It wasn’t anything particularly out of the ordinary. And it’s not like it’s the first time either. Oh dear. So by way of confession, here’s what for me is a typical day. Every day, on my walk to work, I wander past the siren call of […]

June 14

Duck & Waffle. The Sequel.

I had been here for breakfast with the old man on a weekend. Mid-morning, on a Sunday, it was fairly sedate and half-empty and those regulars who might be found here of an evening were probably still nursing their hangovers. It was a different restaurant altogether when I got there on a Thursday night, with […]

Hawksmoor. I nearly fainted.

I have to make a big fat confession before I start. I was meant to review this for The Lawyer for breakfast. I did have the breakfast, sharing the room with only two other punters, which, given the size of the place was a little disconcerting, but I didn’t get round to posting the review and I need […]

Brunch at the Duck & Waffle. Location Location Location.

I was torn, frankly, between the lure of Caravan, King’s Cross, which promised a more interesting-sounding menu and better coffee – and this. I was already feeling like a failed food blogger having not been there already so I went with my head and not my heart and chose this.

Boundary – the text of my Lawyer Review

They didn’t bat an eyelid at the tattoos, but, after all, it is Shoreditch. It must scare a few pinstripes; I mean, they know it exists, and only a minute’s cab ride from Liverpool Street, but it’s actually in ANOTHER WORLD.  I mean, it’s in Tower Hamlets, for God’s sake.

The Savoy Grill. Not what it was.

Offered the Savoy Grill to review, I jumped at it. I was thinking about the Savoy of old, of course, a place of legend. A grown up sort of a place, somewhere you might be taken by your kindly uncle, up from the country to visit his stockbroker and who would repair afterwards to his […]

Roast. Borough Market.

Really, I hadn’t meant to stay for so long, but after the “SW19” cocktail at the beginning and the unspecified, but very alcoholic cocktail at the end, I suspect that my sense of time was somewhat impaired and it was a shock to look at my watch and see that the big hand was on […]