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April 19

The Ivy. Clinging on.

I have lived in London for 33 years and I have never, until now, been to The Ivy. So long has it been a part of the restaurant scene that I thought it had been there, in its present form, for decades, but (I was surprised to find) it has only been around in its […]

April 17

Social Eating House. It jarred.

JP, who I know IRL, as they say on Twitter, had passed my blog to a group of her friends and they wanted to get together, to eat and to talk about food. Like I’d need to even think about it. So, together with JP, JM,  G, H and S, this was a second outing […]

March 26

Holborn Dining Room. Middling in Midtown.

The first thing you’ll notice is the suit. It must have been quite a challenge to find an outfit that could hold its own in this glamorous, cavernous room but the maître d’has managed it, with aplomb.

January 25

Café Murano. Raise a glass.

I’d broken my no lunch rule, just before Christmas. A few mouthfuls of delicate and delicious Vitello Tonnato, a client called and I had to leave. For those of you who don’t know – and why would you – my day job is as a lawyer. A property and finance lawyer. And property transactions generally […]

The House of Ho. Ho ho, so so .

House of Ho. In Soho. Ho ho ho. Even the taxi driver laughed. This is the brainchild of Bobby Chinn, restaurateur, who already has two restaurants in Vietnam. According to his website, Bobby’s restaurant mixes French technique, Californian sensibility, a pinch of Middle Eastern spices and a touch of South East Asia’s flavours. It says […]

Flesh and Buns. Go, despite the name.

Flesh and Buns. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a restaurant name. Or even my last. Had I not known it was the sister restaurant to the very lovely Bone Daddies, the Soho noodle bar, I wouldn’t have given it a second look. But having had one of the very best bowls of noodles […]

November 10

Gymkhana. For the Maharajas of Mayfair.

Gymkhana. I can’t help but think of those Thelwell cartoons. Little fat girls on even fatter ponies. Events that happen in the Home Counties. Rosettes. That sort of thing. I don’t automatically think sophisticated curry-house in Mayfair. My mistake. “Gymkhana” is, I now know, an Anglo-Indian expression, derived from the Persian and Urdu word “Jamat-khana”. Most […]

October 28

Little Social – I can be, sometimes.

I had done some free work. Don’t look so shocked. You know how it is. Sometimes it’s a bit of legit pro-bono, sometimes inadvertent (I’m not paying THAT) and sometimes it falls under the heading of “good for the relationship.” Hmm. Having sorted out and reorganised some documents for a client, I expected nothing in […]

October 16

Hutong at the Shard. Lord, love a duck.

I’d really no business to be going to the Shard for dinner. I’d no business to be going anywhere other than one of those places where they make you fast for a week. It had been a weekend of sheer piggery in Paris, where, on the Friday night, we unexpectedly ended up at Guy Savoy. […]

Dean Street Townhouse.

Dean Street Townhouse is part of The Soho House Group. I’m not sure I knew how big that group was, before I looked it up. I feel like I’m the last person in London to have worked it out. FoodbloggerFAIL. I first went during suicide for for a sensible meal time, the few days before […]