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April 25

Lima Floral. Confusion in Covent Garden.

I was meant to be meeting a lawyer I had got to know on the other side of a messy, drawn-out transaction but she had suffered palpitations and had had to cancel at short notice. No, it was nothing to do with my being on the other side, before you ask.

October 01

Barrafina, WC2. Smoking.

Regular readers will know that I don’t queue. I hate the whole no reservations thing, there for the convenience of the restaurant rather than the restaurant- goer. Not usually aimed at my demographic, I find that life goes on fairly well without having to stand around in a bar area for the chance of a […]

April 19

The Ivy. Clinging on.

I have lived in London for 33 years and I have never, until now, been to The Ivy. So long has it been a part of the restaurant scene that I thought it had been there, in its present form, for decades, but (I was surprised to find) it has only been around in its […]

Flesh and Buns. Go, despite the name.

Flesh and Buns. It wouldn’t be my first choice for a restaurant name. Or even my last. Had I not known it was the sister restaurant to the very lovely Bone Daddies, the Soho noodle bar, I wouldn’t have given it a second look. But having had one of the very best bowls of noodles […]

Shake Shack. It didn’t change my life.

Reader, I’ve tried it. Hallelujah. It’s taken me long enough. I’d got my inbox down to zero and was feeling very pleased with myself, in a sad sack, OCD way. It was 8.30pm and I’d been good on low carb for almost two long days and life was looking sweet, if not slim. So obviously […]

March 21

Mishkin – give it a miss.

Look, I know I’m  getting on a bit and I do  like a quiet life, but I’m not entirely unreasonable and  know there are some people who like to shout a bit over dinner – hey, I like a bit of a shout myself sometimes but really, this was beyond endurance.