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October 16

Bao. Stuffed in Soho.

It is a Monday lunchtime and a tedious morning has my brain looking for a food-based displacement activity. There is nothing calling to me within a mile of my office and I am not in the mood for polite conversation.

November 25

Colbeh and Kateh. Go East, in West London.

Persian cookery. I’ve always been a little bit captivated by it, since I was first introduced to it at boarding school, where there were a number of Persian pupils, refugees from the last days of the Shah. It must have been a bit of a shock for those evacuees, the journey from Teheran to Wallingford, what […]

June 21

Patty & Bun. Burger me.

I am 50 and I am queuing. Something is very wrong. I was thinking that, as I stood outside Patty & Bun today with work room-mate D. I’d been thinking burger since about 10am, as a reward for the late night in the office the night before, getting my Inbox down to zero. Even as […]

Tonkotsu. That is all there is.

I was in the market for noodles. I’d had a ramen epiphany earlier in the week, and I just had to go back and try again. And please don’t tell me that you have been to Wagamama and don’t like their big soup-bowl noodles. I’m with you. Neither do I. There are a few similarities […]

Bone Daddies. Bona.

As I stride down Brewer Street, past the various sex shops which line the route to my destination on Peter Street, I wonder how many other managing partners of law firms do this sort of thing at lunchtime. I think I probably know the answer to that. There are quite a number of places that […]

Royal China Baker Street – Dim Sum

One of my very first grown-up food experiences was a regular outing to the Yang Sing in Manchester. I must have been in my mid teens and really, it was the highlight of my week. Compared to the haimische cooking we had at home (think Eastern European peasant food and you won’t go far wrong) […]

Roti Chai. Street food. Sort of.

It was one of those days (and they seem to be increasing in frequency),where the thought of cooking for myself just didn’t appeal. I’d been in the office for 6 hours straight, on a Sunday and not any old Sunday but the one just before Christmas,  unpacking crates and dealing with nonsense emails. I’d had […]

November 02

MEATliquor. You’ll drool.

I confess, I had not been until last week. My credibility must be brought into question by that but, in my defence, it was only a month ago that I started eating meat again so don’t judge the Judge too harshly. And you shouldn’t come here without eating meat.

Sacré Bleu! Sacre Cuore.

W10. Not the first place that springs to mind when I think about decent food. Some quirky and interesting antique furniture stores, giving new meaning to the words ambitious pricing, but not a food destination. At least not till now.

Burger and Lobster. That’s all, folks.

  So far this weekend I’d managed not to go to Scott’s of Mayfair, nor Bistrot Bruno Loubet, as planned. I wasn’t in a Scott’s mood to be honest– didn’t want to bump into the newly-thin Nigella or spend 25% too much on fairly average food.