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May 09

NOW CLOSED ……Rex & Mariano, Soho. My boat has come in.

“What do you mean we have to order using an iPad?”, says J, making her mind up in seconds and not in a good way. And the table is only for two hours because we are a party of fewer than five. We get a little “hmmph”  before she realises that the iPad thing brings […]

April 21

Trinity. Cream of Clapham.

It’s the unfairness of it that rankles. And it’s not like I haven’t dragged myself across the river to Clapham twice already in the last six months, both times to visit the epicentre of current culinary derring-do that is The Dairy. It doesn’t seem entirely fair that the good burghers of Clapham have not one, but three restaurants I’d be happy to eat at any […]

December 14

Wiltons. SW1. History on a plate.

It’s been there since 1742, according to the doormat. Bang in the heart of hunting-shooting-fishing-land, you can stock up on all your country needs before you come here and eat something that someone else has had the decency to shoot for you. Wanting, nay needing to avoid anything remotely festive, when  Wiltons pinged up on […]

October 01

Barrafina, WC2. Smoking.

Regular readers will know that I don’t queue. I hate the whole no reservations thing, there for the convenience of the restaurant rather than the restaurant- goer. Not usually aimed at my demographic, I find that life goes on fairly well without having to stand around in a bar area for the chance of a […]

Bonnie Gull. I do like to be beside the seaside.

Why haven’t you written it up, says Mr P. We went weeks ago now. You’re going to give it a bad review aren’t you? I’ve been busy, I said. Not too busy to do that write up on Dinings, he says, pointedly. You’re just lazy, he says. From the safety of a pub and down […]

Newman Street Tavern – Fitzrovia fabulousness

UPDATE, 15th October 2015 : I’ve heard a number of negative reports recently about Newman Tavern, many relating to poor service and some relating to food. I haven’t revisited for a while and will do so but I’m passing this on as it has been brought to my attention and I’m bringing it to yours.  There’s good service and […]

Scott’s, Mayfair – Meh.

When I think of Scotts, I immediately think of two people. One is Nigella, who, if the Daily Fail sidebar of shame is to be believed, practically lives here with her husband, “multimillionaire advertising tycoon” Charles Saatchi. The other is Richard Caring, who also happens to own, on the same road, the Mount Street Deli […]

Hawksmoor Air Street. Surf and turf.

I’d vaguely heard that there was a new Hawksmoor at the bottom of Regent Street but I didn’t really know. Obviously, I should have known about the soft opening on November 1 and should have had my table booked as soon as the opening was announced, but I also have a day job and sometimes […]

River Café. Mostly marvellous.

The property industry is not really known for being overrun with women. I’m very privileged therefore to be part of a small group who meet annually, as guests of one of that very rare breed, a female property developer. The lunch is always held somewhere interesting and this year I was extremely pleased to discover […]

Barrafina. Simple. Perfect.

I was happy that I had finally made it after months of near misses. Greeted by a plate of crispy deep-fried prawns, the recruitment consultant whose guest I was, had chosen wisely. They were incredibly fresh. I’m glad that I hadn’t noticed them earlier, opposite, in the iced display. They were so fresh that they […]