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January 01

Les 110 de Taillevent. Bank on it.

An accomplished brasserie with sophisticated food, mainly classics, executed to a high standard for the price point.

November 11

NOW CLOSED : Piquet, W1: Piquing my interest in Mr Pickett.

I might as well just give in to my inner OAP. I’m happy to fantasize about a post-work trek across town to Hackney or Peckham Rye but unless the tube is going to deposit me at the mouth of my chosen restaurant,  I’m not going to be schlepping across the darkling plains of E5 or SE15 to eat in […]

August 21

THIS RESTAURANT IS DECEASED : The Newman Arms. Not your average boozer.

No, it’s not the Newman Street Tavern, a hop skip and a jump away, around the corner, on Newman Street but you’d be forgiven for being confused by this two Newman-named gastropubs malarkey. I did that old-fashioned thing and phoned to book. There was none of usual Sisyphean endeavour needed to speak to an actual human at the […]

February 07

Pied à Terre. Fitzrovia fine dining for fans of finesse.

We’d booked to go to Atelier de Joel Robuchon as a birthday treat for J, son of C. I ask whether J, whose taste in food tends towards the adventurous, might not prefer something a little more down with the kids but I am told that I do not know what I am talking about. As it […]

January 13

Boopshis. Fast food, Mittel-European style

Boopshis. A labour of love, for two brothers with an Austrian heritage. The word Boopshis a term of endearment used by their grandparents, who left them some money, which they used to do this. Sweet.

October 31

A Tale of Two Taverns.

Apparently, a tavern is somewhere that serves wine and an inn is somewhere that serves beer and ale. According to Wikipedia, in the UK, the word “tavern” is no longer in popular use”. I’m not sure that the owners of the relatively new Newman Street, Berners and Merchants Taverns would agree. And other than the […]

I get the Picture.

Taking the morning off at short notice, my thoughts turned to food. For a change. I decided to go and have breakfast at Honey & Co. On entering I see a well-known food blogger on his own and also Nicholas Lander, having breakfast. I feel vindicated. Clearly turning into my mother and the sort of […]

Sardo. Sardinian, silly.

It was the meeting of what used to be the Book Club. We’d started well, all those years ago, reading good and worthy things and talking about them, over food. Obviously. There were, however, few books that we all liked. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was one. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was another. Draw your […]

Bonnie Gull. I do like to be beside the seaside.

Why haven’t you written it up, says Mr P. We went weeks ago now. You’re going to give it a bad review aren’t you? I’ve been busy, I said. Not too busy to do that write up on Dinings, he says, pointedly. You’re just lazy, he says. From the safety of a pub and down […]

Newman Street Tavern – Fitzrovia fabulousness

UPDATE, 15th October 2015 : I’ve heard a number of negative reports recently about Newman Tavern, many relating to poor service and some relating to food. I haven’t revisited for a while and will do so but I’m passing this on as it has been brought to my attention and I’m bringing it to yours.  There’s good service and […]