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November 14

Let’s go round again…

The elastic waistband is my frenemy.

May 10

Dad, food and me.

My father really  loved food. Really loved it. Humpty-Dumpty-shaped until the age of 70, he always joked that he’d only be able to lose weight if it was a matter of life and death. And when he turned 70, it was. So he lost just under seven stone. No fuss, no messing, he just did it.

This food blog. The what and the why.

Since becoming slightly obsessed in an unhealthy way with my lowly place on the Urbanspoon London Food Blog leaderboard, I have been giving some thought to the what and why of my blog. My fairly competitive nature meant that I was unhappy with that lowly spot and as a consequence, I looked at other people’s […]