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July 07

The Marksman. Right on target.

Post Brexit, I am taking my chances taking C to Hackney to eat. It would have been bad enough had the vote gone with Remain, but less than five days after what was for C pretty much the end of western civilisation, I am playing with fire. And of course it is raining, after what feels like an […]

May 02

A Jewel in The Crown at Burchetts Green.

At the weekends I am often to be found in south Oxfordshire, supposedly relaxing and cooking wholesome food from scratch, hoping to justify my ever-expanding collection of cookbooks. My inner restaurant addict is having none of that.

May 20

The Wild Rabbit. Not wild and no rabbit.

“Can I have some of the vegetable curry”, said the man next to me at the Farmers’ Market. The voice sounded familiar. “Oh and some of the rice too, please”. I looked sideways. It was David Cameron. I suppose I was asking for it, hovering round the Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning in Chipping Norton. […]

April 26

THIS RESTAURANT IS NOW CLOSED The Truscott Arms, Maida Vale. Trust me.

Thinking that The Truscott Arms is somewhere vaguely up there in Maida Vale, my Google Maps App tells me that it is a mere seven minutes by car from my present location. I press the “walk” option. 23 minutes, 1.1 miles, via the Paddington Basin. For those of you who don’t know, Paddington Basin is the terminus […]

October 08

The Sportsman. No sex please, we’re British.

I rang the hotel reception. Do you think that you can have a word with the couple in the next hut? We’ve only been here a couple of hours and they’ve had sex twice and I can hear everything. When it first started, I’d  been in two minds as to whether to call the emergency services, […]

December 07

Red Lion, Britwell Salome (2) Sunday lunch.

Lots of people ask me what my favourite restaurant is. I ought to have a stock answer by now, but I don’t. Like that other question, how many lawyers are there in your firm. I don’t really know the exact number. It changes. I sort of know. I could know. I quite like the not-knowing […]

NO LONGER TRADING : Green Man and French Horn. Holy Schist.

HISTORIC INTEREST ONLY : Sometimes I am the client. It happens quite rarely in my life as a private practice lawyer. Sometimes I even get taken out to eat by other lawyers. And as I am obviously perceived to be a food fascist, I’m often asked to choose the venue. And at one level, the […]

Newman Street Tavern – Fitzrovia fabulousness

UPDATE, 15th October 2015 : I’ve heard a number of negative reports recently about Newman Tavern, many relating to poor service and some relating to food. I haven’t revisited for a while and will do so but I’m passing this on as it has been brought to my attention and I’m bringing it to yours.  There’s good service and […]

Vinoteca. Varied wine, variable food.

I had this meal on Tuesday, 19th of February. I know that because I took the menu and put it in my bag. The branch that I went to is the one on Seymour Place which has such things of wondrousnous as Les Senteurs and the competent Donostia. It was a long-awaited get-together for some […]

Nut Tree Inn, Murcott.

I have tried to get in here at least half a dozen times. It’s always at the last minute though and I’ve never been successful. Until last week, when they managed to squeeze us in for an early lunch. I had been expecting something good from the reviews and the local chatter, not to mention […]