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Boundary – the text of my Lawyer Review

They didn’t bat an eyelid at the tattoos, but, after all, it is Shoreditch. It must scare a few pinstripes; I mean, they know it exists, and only a minute’s cab ride from Liverpool Street, but it’s actually in ANOTHER WORLD.  I mean, it’s in Tower Hamlets, for God’s sake.

Dabbous. It’s the DB’s.

*Warning* This review is fairly pointless because unless you have magic powers, you won’t be able to get a dinner reservation until next July or possibly August. Which is quite ridiculous and annoying as I need to go back to try all the other dishes on the menu and quite soon.

An Artichoke in Amersham? Unexpected

Everything about this worked.  From the moment we walked in, we could see that this was polished and slick.  Unfussy and professional service. Mainly French staff. I thought that we had drawn the short straw with the table – we were parked directly opposite the kitchen, where you could see the chef-proprietor and his various underlings beavering  […]

September 26

Does it make the Cut?

It’s an odd place. In a former life, it used to be the Playboy club but all traces of that have been expunged and now we have a little bit of Vegas, right here on Park Lane.

The Kingham Plough.

I was so pleased to be able to get a table at short notice. Pleased but also slightly worried that they seemed to have so many tables free on a Bank Holiday Sunday evening. I had high hopes, having read all the reviews and convinced C that it was worth the drive.

Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley

Decided to make a big day of  it last Monday and be a tourist. This involved shopping for a ridiculous handbag, eating and West End theatre; hell I almost felt like a Yank. The restaurant Marcus Wareing is in the Berkeley Hotel. I’m not entirely sure about the room. The walls are covered in rather louche purple velvet and whilst […]