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January 25

Café Murano. Raise a glass.

I’d broken my no lunch rule, just before Christmas. A few mouthfuls of delicate and delicious Vitello Tonnato, a client called and I had to leave. For those of you who don’t know – and why would you – my day job is as a lawyer. A property and finance lawyer. And property transactions generally […]

January 08

Caffé Caldesi. Hands-on Italian.

Let me confess from the outset, I was comped. That means the meal was complimentary i.e. free i.e. paid for i.e. gratis i.e on the house. Just so you know. In case it wasn’t clear. I’ve been going to Caffé Caldesi for years. My office used to be around the corner and it was one […]

August 22

Theo Randall. Playing it safe.

I am predisposed to love Theo Randall because of his chocolate cake recipe. I noticed that it was on the menu. Perversely, I didn’t order it. It was a Friday night and we wanted to avoid rush-hour traffic. You will not be entirely shocked to find out that my Internet browser is set to open […]

Zafferano. Z-lister.

I’d been here in a former life. When this was a great restaurant. When Giorgio Locatelli used to be the chef. When they had a special truffle menu and even the dessert had truffles in it. I remember it well. I will remember very little of this meal, other than that it was overpriced and […]

Sardo. Sardinian, silly.

It was the meeting of what used to be the Book Club. We’d started well, all those years ago, reading good and worthy things and talking about them, over food. Obviously. There were, however, few books that we all liked. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was one. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was another. Draw your […]

June 16

Scalini. Hello, 1979.

There are some places which are frankly, beyond fashion. Scalini sits firmly in that camp. I expect that the menu hasn’t changed much since the 1970s. It’s from the same stable as that other retro stalwart, Oslo Court. There are things on the menu here you might have reasonably have assumed, maybe even hoped, that […]

Il Baretto – Bland in Blandford Street

I’d been up till two am the night before, discussing the merits of good lighting with Hugh, my new BFF and the man who is going to help make my house look mid-Century-modern-fabulous, so I really hadn’t planned on being sociable, especially not with clients. I’d been to the opening party for a new development […]

Assaggi. Taste. Not all of it good.

Assaggi. Apparently it means taste, or sampling. The “taste” bit is right, if you exclude the décor.  The “sampling”bit?  Only if you count my straying fork. This isn’t sharing food and it isn’t a sampling menu, in the conventional sense. I’d describe the food as classical Italian cooking. The menu changes a bit, but it […]

Briciole. Bargain.

Briciole. I’d been meaning to come here for ages but I hadn’t realised it was here. I mean I’d walked past this place and I’d probably even seen a sign, but I hadn’t registered. I thought it was some sort of deli and bar, because that’s all you can see from the road. So on […]

River Café. Mostly marvellous.

The property industry is not really known for being overrun with women. I’m very privileged therefore to be part of a small group who meet annually, as guests of one of that very rare breed, a female property developer. The lunch is always held somewhere interesting and this year I was extremely pleased to discover […]