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The Lockhart. Southern comfort.

This was my third attempt to get to the Lockhart. I’d heard about it through the Twittersphere and it sounded right up my street; a southern US restaurant full of all things comfort and fried. And to top it all, it’s a very convenient five minutes from my office. *Happy face*.

January 08

Caffé Caldesi. Hands-on Italian.

Let me confess from the outset, I was comped. That means the meal was complimentary i.e. free i.e. paid for i.e. gratis i.e on the house. Just so you know. In case it wasn’t clear. I’ve been going to Caffé Caldesi for years. My office used to be around the corner and it was one […]

November 21

Phoenix Palace. There be dragons.

Because I have a prolapsed disc in my neck – I blame years of sitting in front of a PC – I find that I cannot use my right arm effectively. I certainly couldn’t cut up a steak. The horror. So to avoid having to eat like an infant i.e. having my food cut up […]

Texture too.

I’d given it a miss for a while. I’d been last year for dinner and not been entirely blown away and when that happens I tend not to return. Not when there are always shiny new and interesting places to try. Of which there appear to be about six a week. B had been banging […]

August 29

Tommi’s Burger Joint. Plain, lovely.

For many years, this spot was occupied by a Greek restaurant, which last had a customer in 1969. I used to work opposite and never saw anyone enter or leave, other than the ancient Cypriot waiters for whom it was clearly a second home. Either that or it had to be a front for some […]

Dinings. Who knew?

I’d walked past this on my way home. It’s in that that non-area of Marylebone, leading to Edgware Road tube station. I was surprised that I’d never heard of it and thought it was some dodgy little sushi operation. I asked Twitter whether there was anyone who had heard of it, or who had actually […]

Il Baretto – Bland in Blandford Street

I’d been up till two am the night before, discussing the merits of good lighting with Hugh, my new BFF and the man who is going to help make my house look mid-Century-modern-fabulous, so I really hadn’t planned on being sociable, especially not with clients. I’d been to the opening party for a new development […]

Vinoteca. Varied wine, variable food.

I had this meal on Tuesday, 19th of February. I know that because I took the menu and put it in my bag. The branch that I went to is the one on Seymour Place which has such things of wondrousnous as Les Senteurs and the competent Donostia. It was a long-awaited get-together for some […]

Royal China Baker Street – Dim Sum

One of my very first grown-up food experiences was a regular outing to the Yang Sing in Manchester. I must have been in my mid teens and really, it was the highlight of my week. Compared to the haimische cooking we had at home (think Eastern European peasant food and you won’t go far wrong) […]

La Porte des Indes.

If you’ve been to one of those management courses they run at the adjacent hotel, you might have seen this. I’m not sure what made me turn left when I came out of the car park, rather than turning right, straight to my regular haunt, Roti Chai,  but we all make mistakes. Unusually for me, […]