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October 23

The Palomar. Party time.

I didn’t get to hear the drum thing. It’s the owner’s special party trick; a little percussion medley, using the pots and pans in the galley kitchen, whilst customers perched on their barstools drink shots. Obviously the very thought of having that sort of display going on in front of me brings me out in […]

February 15

Zest, JW3. Jewish Joy.

“They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat”. So it says on the menu. I’m not sure how you’d react to that sentence, if you’re not Jewish. Jews recognise it as a typical example of blacker-than-black Jewish humour.  There is nothing that Jews won’t laugh at. Jews other than C, that is, who wasn’t […]

July 19

NOPI. Ottolenghi for grown-ups.

I was predestined to like NOPI. Partly because it’s on the site of the Sugar Club, of blessed memory and partly because I have a soft spot for all things Ottolenghi. And for all you young things out there, Sugar Club was, for me the food sensation of the mid 1990’s. One of my food […]

Honey & Co.

You’d walk past it if you didn’t know. And you wouldn’t know unless you’d read Marina O’Loughlin’s lovely review of this (or at least I wouldn’t). And given her review, I really had to try it. It’s run by a couple of ex-Ottolenghi employees and you can see certain similarities. There’s an attention to detail […]