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April 17

Social Eating House. It jarred.

JP, who I know IRL, as they say on Twitter, had passed my blog to a group of her friends and they wanted to get together, to eat and to talk about food. Like I’d need to even think about it. So, together with JP, JM,  G, H and S, this was a second outing […]

March 22

Bocca di Lupo. We wolfed it down.

Bocca di Lupo. In the wolf’s mouth. Apparently it’s used by Italians to wish you good luck. It was a wet Wednesday and I was tired. The table was booked for 7.45, which is fine, even for me with my pensioner special penchant,  but when you’ve been out the night before for a deal celebration […]

The House of Ho. Ho ho, so so .

House of Ho. In Soho. Ho ho ho. Even the taxi driver laughed. This is the brainchild of Bobby Chinn, restaurateur, who already has two restaurants in Vietnam. According to his website, Bobby’s restaurant mixes French technique, Californian sensibility, a pinch of Middle Eastern spices and a touch of South East Asia’s flavours. It says […]

October 31

A Tale of Two Taverns.

Apparently, a tavern is somewhere that serves wine and an inn is somewhere that serves beer and ale. According to Wikipedia, in the UK, the word “tavern” is no longer in popular use”. I’m not sure that the owners of the relatively new Newman Street, Berners and Merchants Taverns would agree. And other than the […]

Not smokin’ at Smokehouse.

I had heard lots of great things about this, before I actually found out where it was. And when I did,  I was a little surprised. I had imagined that it was going to be in the more gritty, happening part of Islington. I used to know its predecessor very well. It was at the end of a […]

September 26

Clockjack Oven. *Disappointed face.*

I want chicken, that’s what I want. So said C. It’s a well-worn chant. He really likes chicken and can make a mean one himself. It’s one of his very limited repertoire. Small but perfectly formed. Ok then, why don’t we try Clockjack Oven, I said, I’ve heard good things about it. There’s a few foodbloggers […]

Pollen Street Social. Getting your just desserts.

Why haven’t I been here before, says C. It’s the sort of place we like isn’t it? Yes, indeed, it is the sort of place we like. But it’s the sort of place we can rarely get into without planning months in advance, so that when I saw that there was a table free at […]

August 29

Tommi’s Burger Joint. Plain, lovely.

For many years, this spot was occupied by a Greek restaurant, which last had a customer in 1969. I used to work opposite and never saw anyone enter or leave, other than the ancient Cypriot waiters for whom it was clearly a second home. Either that or it had to be a front for some […]

I confess : Cocomaya, Vintry, Pizza Pilgrims and Gelupo.

Four places in one day. I wasn’t on holiday. It wasn’t anything particularly out of the ordinary. And it’s not like it’s the first time either. Oh dear. So by way of confession, here’s what for me is a typical day. Every day, on my walk to work, I wander past the siren call of […]

Dean Street Townhouse.

Dean Street Townhouse is part of The Soho House Group. I’m not sure I knew how big that group was, before I looked it up. I feel like I’m the last person in London to have worked it out. FoodbloggerFAIL. I first went during suicide for for a sensible meal time, the few days before […]