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June 03

Wing Lei. Give it the gold finger.

I’d got it all planned. My male pedicurist/food truck chef had recommended Lotus of Siam, five minutes away from the ode to overshlog that is our hotel, the Wynn, Las Vegas. Covering 250 acres, boutique this is not. Do not ask what I am doing here. For those of you who don’t know, the Wynn […]

May 01

Marani. A Georgian Tragedy.

I wanted to like it, I really did. I’d been angling to go to Marani, a Georgian restaurant,  ever since reading a glowing review and I suggested to my good friend M that we go together. M is not only a brilliant dinner companion but also Georgian. Result. First signs were promising, if slightly bizarre. I […]

January 02

Kai Mayfair. Cry, wallet.

  It’s got lots of awards, has Kai. Not only a Michelin star, but, according to its website, it was the highest ranked Chinese restaurant in the Sunday Times Food List 2012, Best Chinese restaurant in London in the Hardens Guide, Best Chinese restaurant in something called “Zagat survey” though it doesn’t say when, or what […]

September 26

Clockjack Oven. *Disappointed face.*

I want chicken, that’s what I want. So said C. It’s a well-worn chant. He really likes chicken and can make a mean one himself. It’s one of his very limited repertoire. Small but perfectly formed. Ok then, why don’t we try Clockjack Oven, I said, I’ve heard good things about it. There’s a few foodbloggers […]

Zafferano. Z-lister.

I’d been here in a former life. When this was a great restaurant. When Giorgio Locatelli used to be the chef. When they had a special truffle menu and even the dessert had truffles in it. I remember it well. I will remember very little of this meal, other than that it was overpriced and […]

June 16

Scalini. Hello, 1979.

There are some places which are frankly, beyond fashion. Scalini sits firmly in that camp. I expect that the menu hasn’t changed much since the 1970s. It’s from the same stable as that other retro stalwart, Oslo Court. There are things on the menu here you might have reasonably have assumed, maybe even hoped, that […]

Scott’s, Mayfair – Meh.

When I think of Scotts, I immediately think of two people. One is Nigella, who, if the Daily Fail sidebar of shame is to be believed, practically lives here with her husband, “multimillionaire advertising tycoon” Charles Saatchi. The other is Richard Caring, who also happens to own, on the same road, the Mount Street Deli […]

Il Baretto – Bland in Blandford Street

I’d been up till two am the night before, discussing the merits of good lighting with Hugh, my new BFF and the man who is going to help make my house look mid-Century-modern-fabulous, so I really hadn’t planned on being sociable, especially not with clients. I’d been to the opening party for a new development […]

Corrigan’s Mayfair. Sparkle needed.

Lunch with K, ever-elegant elder statesman of German banking. Notwithstanding that I could have murdered a burger and I wanted to take K to somewhere unexpected, I sensed that MeatLiquor might not be the most suitable venue, so set to thinking about where I might go which was business-y, but not too formal; Mayfair, but […]

Yauatcha. Soho so-so.

  I had a little urge to reacquaint myself with the minority sport that is dim sum. You may have noticed that I’ve been to Royal China (not the Club), on a number of occasions and each time, I’ve waxed lyrical. Unfortunately, my local Royal China does not serve dim sum in the evening.