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I confess : Cocomaya, Vintry, Pizza Pilgrims and Gelupo.

Four places in one day. I wasn’t on holiday. It wasn’t anything particularly out of the ordinary. And it’s not like it’s the first time either. Oh dear. So by way of confession, here’s what for me is a typical day. Every day, on my walk to work, I wander past the siren call of […]

Dean Street Townhouse.

Dean Street Townhouse is part of The Soho House Group. I’m not sure I knew how big that group was, before I looked it up. I feel like I’m the last person in London to have worked it out. FoodbloggerFAIL. I first went during suicide for for a sensible meal time, the few days before […]

The Company of Strangers. Quo Vadis.

When I write a post, I know that there are people who follow it and get an actual email telling them I’ve dropped a blog.  Some of them I may even know in real life, but most of the time I don’t really think about my “followers” actually reading what I write. Even though I […]

Tonkotsu. That is all there is.

I was in the market for noodles. I’d had a ramen epiphany earlier in the week, and I just had to go back and try again. And please don’t tell me that you have been to Wagamama and don’t like their big soup-bowl noodles. I’m with you. Neither do I. There are a few similarities […]

Bone Daddies. Bona.

As I stride down Brewer Street, past the various sex shops which line the route to my destination on Peter Street, I wonder how many other managing partners of law firms do this sort of thing at lunchtime. I think I probably know the answer to that. There are quite a number of places that […]

Yauatcha. Soho so-so.

  I had a little urge to reacquaint myself with the minority sport that is dim sum. You may have noticed that I’ve been to Royal China (not the Club), on a number of occasions and each time, I’ve waxed lyrical. Unfortunately, my local Royal China does not serve dim sum in the evening.

Barrafina. Simple. Perfect.

I was happy that I had finally made it after months of near misses. Greeted by a plate of crispy deep-fried prawns, the recruitment consultant whose guest I was, had chosen wisely. They were incredibly fresh. I’m glad that I hadn’t noticed them earlier, opposite, in the iced display. They were so fresh that they […]

10 Greek Street. I have seen the light.

I’ve never quite got over the death of Alastair Little. I’m talking about the restaurant in Soho which bore his name, obviously, not the man himself.  Even though I don’t think that he cooked there very often towards the end, it was always consistent and interesting.  With simple,  fairly minimalist decor, it was my first choice […]

Burger and Lobster. That’s all, folks.

  So far this weekend I’d managed not to go to Scott’s of Mayfair, nor Bistrot Bruno Loubet, as planned. I wasn’t in a Scott’s mood to be honest– didn’t want to bump into the newly-thin Nigella or spend 25% too much on fairly average food.