November 01

Indian Accent. Halloween haven.

I always forget that C’s birthday coincides with Halloween, giving me two good reasons to get out of the house and away from children making demands and issuing threats. I’m sure that there are benign versions of the whole Halloween trick or treat performance but in my corner of Paddington it can get a bit […]

September 22

She’s not dead, she’s just resting.

I know. You’ve probably forgotten me and who can blame you, what with all those distractions out there. I’m still here though, buggering on with my high-fat low-carb thing and my declutter thing and my trying to find some balance thing.

Time for more time.

As many of you may know, I recently decided to simplify my life. It started with weight loss, which led to a bout of decluttering and a clearing of space which has allowed me to rethink my life and try  to work out what my purpose is. It’s a sort of avoiding of the avoiding. […]

March 08

Shop till you stop

via Shop till you stop.

March 01

Losing and gaining.

The Royal Academy. The Southbank Centre. The National Gallery. The Royal Horticultural Society. The RSPB. The National Trust. I cancelled my subscriptions to all of them today. I don’t go enough to justify the cost and it’s a waste of money.

January 16

Parsons. On the nose.

It is the new year and I am determined to find a way to eat out without it getting out of control, “it” being not only the frequency of the restaurant forays, but also the food I put into my face. I am, in this quest,  starting gently with Parsons. With its fresh simple fish […]

December 28

Bouillon Bilk

As those of you who have been bothering to follow my diet-change journey know, I have been trying to eat in a way that is more restrained. This meant going cold turkey (seasonal pun alert) on my restaurant reviewing.  I’d lost my eating-out excitement and my tasting-menu tolerance. I was (and remain) happy to have […]

December 22

Under the influencer? Be honest.

An excellent article in Eater  about viral food advertising (Cronut, anyone?) set me to thinking about so-called “influencers” and the sometimes grey area surrounding “paid for”  posts and blogs. And by paid for, I mean receiving some financial benefit or thing of value, whether directly or otherwise. I set to thinking about the law in […]

November 20

When in Rome. Or not, if you are me.

I’m in Rome for a short break. Until a year ago, I’d have planned all my meals, looked up all the blogs, asked all my foodie friends and have organised my eating down to the last mouthful. I’d probably have had booked a little fine dining, interspersed with a few up-and-coming modern eateries and the […]

Dad, food and me.

Originally posted on The Food Judge:
My father really  loved food. His Humpty-Dumpty shape until the age of 70 was testament to that and he always joked that he’d only be able to lose it if it was a matter of life and death. And when he was 70, he was told that it was just that.…