November 25

The Double Red Duke, Clanfield.

I’d almost come in summer as part of a little Cotswolds foray, before the glowing reviews, (look at me, ahead of the curve), but had to cancel, on account of having overestimated how much my stomach could actually absorb over the space of two days. Turns out that there is a limit. Even for me. […]

November 18

Pizzeria Mozza. Leaving me cold.

I was going to answer properly but I thought better of it.

November 14

Let’s go round again…

The elastic waistband is my frenemy.

August 08

Orasay, Notting Hill.

Can you possibly turn down the heavy metal, I say to the enthusiastic waitress? It’s too loud and I’m too old. This is the second time in as many weeks I’ve had to have the conversation about the music. It seems to me that it is there for the waitstaff (all v young and v […]

February 28

Eccentric elegance. Sybaritic sustainability. Worton.

The first time I came across Worton, I didn’t get it. A cold winter’s morning trudging round a few barren vegetable beds and empty greenhouses wasn’t really doing it for me. I don’t know what made me go back, but it was summer the next time I went to Worton. And by then it was […]

February 07

Texture. Let it snow. [CLOSED]

Where shall we eat, asks my client. Near you? My heart does that little sinking feeling as I work in the culinary wasteland that is Marble Arch. But then I remember Texture. It is on the corner of Portman Square, opposite the exercise in wallet-emptying that is Locanda Locatelli.

November 01

Indian Accent. Halloween haven. [CLOSED]

I always forget that C’s birthday coincides with Halloween, giving me two good reasons to get out of the house and away from children making demands and issuing threats. I’m sure that there are benign versions of the whole Halloween trick or treat performance but in my corner of Paddington it can get a bit […]

September 22

She’s not dead, she’s just resting.

I know. You’ve probably forgotten me and who can blame you, what with all those distractions out there. I’m still here though, buggering on with my high-fat low-carb thing and my declutter thing and my trying to find some balance thing.

January 16

Parsons. On the nose.

It is the new year and I am determined to find a way to eat out without it getting out of control, “it” being not only the frequency of the restaurant forays, but also the food I put into my face. I am, in this quest,  starting gently with Parsons. With its fresh simple fish […]

December 28

Bouillon Bilk

As those of you who have been bothering to follow my diet-change journey know, I have been trying to eat in a way that is more restrained. This meant going cold turkey (seasonal pun alert) on my restaurant reviewing.  I’d lost my eating-out excitement and my tasting-menu tolerance. I was (and remain) happy to have […]