Why this blog?

Given that I have been a lawyer for over three decades I had forgotten that it was possible to write just for pleasure and not for pay and I’ve written in a little more detail about the why, here. I am an enthusiastic home cook, recipe collector and feeder of strays.

I confess that I’ve always been rather too obsessed with food, be it the shopping, the looking, the cooking or the actual eating. It’s genetic. As is the predisposition to weight gain, which is unfortunate.

I really want to know what’s good, what isn’t and where one might get the very best, whether that’s a greasy spoon or faine dining temple. When I find it, I like to share. And whilst I can often be found entertaining clients around some of the more elegant of London’s restaurants, you will not be surprised to discover that as a no-nonsense Northerner, I can’t be doing with all that, all of the time. Sometimes only chips, peas and gravy will hit the spot. I’m sure you understand.

And you can follow me on Twitter, if you like, @notalwayslegalwhich is where I post my reviews.

Growing up, I always thought that my ideal job would be that of a restaurant reviewer, with an animal sanctuary on the side. I review restaurants for The Lawyer Magazine and I’ve got four cats. I’d say I managed to fulfil that dream, even if it wasn’t in quite the way I’d imagined.

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