IMG_1916-0 January 29

Maze Sushi. Miso-ry in Mayfair.

Let’s go to Roka, says J. It works for the diet and it’s just round the corner. Roka (pronounced Rock-a) has become our local client lunch eatery of choice, in that culinary hotch-potch that is NoMa. What is NoMa, you may ask, unaware that is my desperate one-woman attempt to turn the outer reaches of […]

IMG_1476 January 22

Fera. The L is silent.

I am in love with Claridges. I think you get to an age where you just can’t resist. It’s all that Art Deco glamour,  the attentive staff and the flattering lighting, not to mention that hit of pure luxe as  you walk through the iconic revolving door, flanked by liveried doormen. How to feel special, made flesh.

IMG_1775 January 11

C London. Mugged in Mayfair.

I should really take C to C London,  in Mayfair, just so that I can say it, but it isn’t to be. J has suggested  a trip to C for V, as her birthday treat. V, who likes C, is evidently a regular, such is the fawning and schmoozing she receives from the maître d’. I’m not […]

IMG_1699 January 06

Spring. Subtlety at Somerset House.

I’m not sure I’d recommend all that emaciation and in-yer-face genitalia as a precursor to lunch and I’m pleased that we work our way through the stunningly good permanent collection, so that I can draw on some less brutal imagery before the softness of Spring.

image December 21

The Dairy, Clapham. Worth crossing the river for.

For someone who doesn’t do tasting menus as a rule, it’s interesting that I was rather disappointed that C-nails didn’t want to try it. £45 for a seven-course menu selected by the kitchen, said the menu which spoke to me, in that slightly brain-dead last lap before Christmas state of mind. But it was nearly […]

IMG_1364.JPG December 14

Wiltons. SW1. History on a plate.

It’s been there since 1742, according to the doormat. Bang in the heart of hunting-shooting-fishing-land, you can stock up on all your country needs before you come here and eat something that someone else has had the decency to shoot for you. Wanting, nay needing to avoid anything remotely festive, when  Wiltons pinged up on […]

IMG_1320-0.JPG December 10

Le Chalet. On top of the world.

You know that thing, where you can’t decide where to go on holiday for Christmas and there are so many choices and what about Cornwall but there’s all those unused air miles and it would be lovely to go somewhere hot but really it’s double the price at this time of year and then you end […]

IMG_1267.JPG December 03

Racine. Paris, the sequel.

Racine. I have no idea if there’s any connection to Jean Racine, the playwright,  but other than both of them being uncompromisingly French, I can’t see what they have in common. In that slightly no-man’s-land bit of Knightsbridge, the section past Harrods but just before Brompton Road, and opposite the V & A, this is a strange place to find a traditional-style bistro […]

IMG_1228.JPG November 30

Frantzén, Stockholm. Brain food.

I will see if you can come in, says Lurch, at the door, formal and forbidding in his dark, heavy overcoat and bowler hat. We are ten minutes early and are left standing out in the cold. More like a speakeasy than a restaurant, this is not the sort of warm welcome we might have […]

IMG_0831 November 25

Colbeh and Kateh. Go East, in West London.

Persian cookery. I’ve always been a little bit captivated by it, since I was first introduced to it at boarding school, where there were a number of Persian pupils, refugees from the last days of the Shah. It must have been a bit of a shock for those evacuees, the journey from Teheran to Wallingford, what […]


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