image July 03

Amaya. Rich pickings.

I feel like I’m five, says C, waving his arms high in the air and simulating an exaggerated knife and fork movement. The chairs in the raised section of the restaurant are too low or the tables are too high, it doesn’t matter which. Obviously, I point this out and the maître d’ suggests I might […]

image June 25

Duck and Rice. Ever been to a Chinese pub?

I’ve never seen anything like it says C, almost smiling, practically a whole page of beers. This from the man whose favourite card is one bearing the legend “Beer: proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. I order the food whilst he loses himself in a world of hops.

image June 13

Portland and yes it is (mostly) Great.

#Firstworldproblems no 1:  being irritated by the OpenTable booking message telling me I can only have the table for a two hour slot. #Firstworldproblems no.2 : being called by the restaurant two days before the booking, to remind me about the two-hour slot, in case I hadn’t seen it on the screen during booking, not […]

image June 10

Ham Yard, Soho.

I have lived in London for more years than I care to remember, but I have never before been to Ham Yard, slap, tickle and bang in the middle of Soho. Not only that, but until there was an hotel there, I didn’t even know it existed. Ham Yard was placed firmly on the Soho […]

image June 03

La Trompette. Top chow in Chiswick

Why are we sitting in this traffic, says C, not understanding why we can’t eat somewhere in town. It’ll only be about half an hour in the car, I say. Trust me. And anyway, I say, I just need to get out of central London and I want to go somewhere grown up. As we […]

image May 28

Antidote. Winning in the West End

I was planning to go to Duck and Rice, the new Alan Yau in Berwick Street but the kitchens were shut due to an electricity fault. As I walked into the duck house, no-one was at the door, a few people were milling round the bar on the left and there was an air of general confusion all round.

image May 20

The Wild Rabbit. Not wild and no rabbit.

“Can I have some of the vegetable curry”, said the man next to me at the Farmers’ Market. The voice sounded familiar. “Oh and some of the rice too, please”. I looked sideways. It was David Cameron. I suppose I was asking for it, hovering round the Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning in Chipping Norton. […]

image May 09

Rex & Mariano, Soho. My boat has come in.

“What do you mean we have to order using an iPad?”, says J, making her mind up in seconds and not in a good way. And the table is only for two hours because we are a party of fewer than five. We get a little “hmmph”  before she realises that the iPad thing brings […]

image April 26

The Truscott Arms, Maida Vale. Trust me.

  It must be very confusing to live on the road known variously as Euston, Marylebone and Pentonville Road. One road, three names. It wasn’t always so; in 1857 the road’s name was changed from New Road to its current nomenclature. And the Marylebone Road bit starts at Regent’s Park and runs to the Westway, […]

image April 25

Lima Floral. Confusion in Covent Garden.

Don’t let anyone tell you that opposing lawyers always tear seven strips out of each other; my area of expertise is property and unless you’re looking for a fight you should be able to avoid one. I was meant to be meeting a lawyer I had got to know on the other side of a messy, […]


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